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Carlos Elcock hails from a Caribbean nation that has no shortage of dedicated gym-goers; even more so the 6 months or so before “The Greatest Show on Earth”: Carnival. Soca artistes Nailah Blackman and Kes’s hit song “Gym Body”, captures fairly well how gyming and fitness have become an irrevocable and embedded part of Carnival culture. Still, Trinidad and Tobago, according to a 2017 PAHO/WHO report, suffers a 31% rate of obesity. Cognizant of these realities, Carlos created the Trinifit Project with the hopes of extending the “gym body” culture beyond the Carnival Season.

The concept is two fold: Tailored fitness programs to give clients the results they want to see, along side well-tailored apparel that will increase clients’ confidence in their new bodies.


Carlos Elcock



Country of Birth

Trinidad and Tobago

Country of Residence

Trinidad and Tobago

Connect with Trinifit

What is your company/organization’s name and what products/services does it provide?

The Trinifit Brand broken down into The Trinifit Project: A Fitness Based Service dedicated to Transforming Bodies and Lives as well as the newly launched. We are also home to Transform Athleisure Apparel, which is fitness apparel and accessories tailored for your fitness experience and to motivate you to new levels.

If you were headlining a UN event or TED Talk, how would you love to hear/see your company introduced?

The definitive answer to fitness transformation backed by science, where we equip you with not only the knowledge to transform your life but every accessory you would need along the way.

What inspired the birth of this company?

I have always been into fitness even competing in bodybuilding competitions for a number of years. During an unemployment period, I decided to utilize all the skills that I have acquired, not just in engineering, to build a business and fitness brand dedicated to transforming lives. The problem I saw was that many were hiring trainers that did not give them value for money or realistic results in a specific time frame. I realized my scientific knowledge and experience from competing, along with my fitness certification would be a great asset to transfer all that wealth of fitness potential into others.

How would you say your company answers any one of the Caribbean’s problems?

Obesity is very high in T&T and the wider Caribbean. This stems from a lack of knowledge of nutrition and diet as well as barriers to physical fitness. By holding myself and my clients to a higher standard, the knowledge transfer is seamless and they go forth changing their own lives and others around them.

How did you fund your company?

I funded my company from an emergency fund I had at the time. When clients started coming in regularly, I re-invested the money in other arms of fitness. The aim is to be a one-stop point for all things fitness. You come in at one size or strength level and at the end of your transformation, you leave with knowledge to continue on your own and fitness apparel for your new size.

What would you say has been your lowest point on the journey thus far?

The lowest point was when my emergency fund was a few weeks away from depletion and i had no clients for that period. I had to make major adjustments to survive and pay bills at that point.

How have/did you overcome it or how are you working to overcome it?

I utilized my other skills and took a job as a technician for 2 months. After that, client acquisition increased as well as better job opportunities came my way. From then I have diversified my income via fitness and my professional skills.

How has a failure of yours set you up for later success?

My unemployment phase taught me the value in utilizing all my skills to bring value to others and in so doing feed myself, thereby not being dependent on a company’s whims.

What would you say has been your greatest triumph/achievement as a company thus far?

Every single transformation that a client achieves is an accomplishment for me. It may take 3-6 months but that look of satisfaction and amazement warms my heart.

What is one of the most worthwhile investments that you have made? Why do you consider it worthwhile?

My investment in creating the apparel line, Transform Athleisure Apparel. I had to learn about the garment industry, graphic design, clothing design and packaging, marketing etc. The list goes on and on and even though my initial investment has been mostly recouped, I want to launch more items in the near future.

Do you have a vision for entrepreneurship in the Caribbean?

I believe every single person should utilize their passions and find some way to monetize it. They can start small and scale accordingly if they so choose. In this way, we can help each other with our skills and services.

What are the three books that have greatly influenced your life? How did they impact you?

Rich Dad, Poor Dad, How to Win Friends and Influence Others, and The Art of War. These books all impacted me in various ways. Rich Dad taught me the value of money, How to Win Friends helped greatly in dealing with clients and potential clients and the Art of War taught me about leadership values.

In the past three years what belief, behavior or habit has most improved your life?

I would like to think my emotional intelligence and focus has greatly increased during this time.

What advice would you give to a Caribbean school leaver about braving the uniqueness of the Caribbean environment?

My advice would be to focus on your gifts and talents, invest in yourself, and do not expect the people closest to you to believe in your dream. The strangers of the world will give you unbiased patronage and feedback which you can use to get even better.

What are some of the attitudes/mindsets that you would like to see encouraged and/or discouraged in your country or region?

I would love to see a shift in the “Waiting Until Carnival Season to Get Fit” Mentality. Fitness is a lifestyle and you should not wait until Carnival is coming or a doctor recommends exercise to start it.

When you feel overwhelmed/ unfocused what do you do?

I go to the beach to relax and enjoy the waves.

What is a quote that you think of often or live your life by?

Veni, Vidi, Vici. It means I Came, I Saw, I Conquered.

Who is your most inspirational figure? What about their life, habits or methods have inspired you?

Christian Guzman, the owner of the Alphalete Brand. He has steadily increased his net worth and existing businesses which had very humble beginnings. This was all based on his love of fitness and helping others.

Fun Question: What/Who is dominating your music playlist right now?

  • Jay-Z-Run This Town
  • Kanye West-All of the Lights
  • Professor Green-Monster,
  • Les Brown
  • Jocko Willink

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