Chemistry & Rap: Carlus & Brittney

Meet the Couple

Carlus Hackett (27) hails from the beautiful island of Tobago. Carlus loves chemistry, art, and home designing and currently works as a Laboratory Technician. His wife, Brittney Harris-Hackett (24) hails from the mainland isle of Trinidad, where they both met. Brittney currently works as a Meidcal Laboratory Assistant. She has a blog, occasionally raps, and loves animals.

The Dates

ENGAGEMENT DATE: February 16th, 2018

WEDDING DATE: September 22nd, 2018

How did you meet?

BRITTNEY: We met in UWI through IVCF (InterVarsity Christian Fellowship) at his Bible study meeting. At the main meeting of IVCF during the last session, at the end, we stood next to each other dancing to the music. The next day he messaged me and the rest was history.

CARLUS: We met through IVCF in UWI through a bible study meeting.

When Did You Know That He Was The One?

BRITTNEY: When I dribbled on his arm and he wasn’t bothered by it.

When Did You Know That She Was The One?

CARLUS: You never really know if you met the one, you just become dependent on a person and see where it takes you.

What are you favorite things about your husband? Why?

BRITTNEY: His attention to detail, organization, and lovingness. He pays attention to details that I would not see and it usually works out for our benefit in the long run. His organization balances me out be because I am not a very organized person and the love he shows towards his family, my family, and myself shows me that he would be a wonderful father in the future.

What are your favorite things about your wife? Why?

CARLUS: Her intelligence, easygoing nature and determination. It balances me out, it makes the relationship work.

Share the kindest/grandest thing that your husband has done for you.

BRITTNEY: He paid for my mother and me to have a day out for her birthday. It meant a lot to me to spend the day with her on her birthday.

Share the kindest/grandest thing that your wife has done for you.

CARLUS: She had a surprise birthday party for me and invited my mother and sister from Tobago. I really missed and needed them at that point in time.

Who popped the question? Describe the moment, event or day.

BRITTNEY: He did. It was the night of my mother’s birthday celebration she held at her church, after we went home. I was exhausted and ready to go to sleep for work the next day when all my family came over and I thought it was to “lime”. My father said a speech then handed it over to my husband. I was nervous and excited, he said he felt confident and excited. He knew what the outcome was going to be. So as he calmed down, I felt excited and couldn’t sleep the rest of night for work. I barely remembered most of the speech.

What was your vision for your wedding?

BRITTNEY: We wanted an intimate and small wedding with our close family and friends. Our colour scheme was pink, burgundy and gold. Our wedding ceremony and reception was short and to the point. We had a late morning wedding.

What would you say was the most special moment on your wedding day?

CARLUS: During the photo shoot, knowing that we finally did it, it felt real.

BRITTNEY: Being able to stay calm even though many things went wrong, not being nervous and enjoying the day with my husband. It felt like it was just between us two.

Where did you go and what did you do for your honeymoon?

Tobago to a hotel: Tropikist

What is your best memory of your honeymoon?

BRITTNEY: Eating and sleeping. We loved going down to eat and relaxing and working together to get the most out of the deserts.

What was the most unexpected thing you’ve experienced as a couple since your wedding?

CARLUS: Dealing with a pandemic and being at home for most of the time (even though wife has to go to work still)

As “husband” do you believe that there are any specific roles and responsibilities that are primarily/solely yours in the marriage? What are they?

CARLUS: I believe that my wife can do everything even though I prefer to do some things. If she is good at something then she could take the lead with that, if I am better at something then I would take the lead. It is about team work. I also believe in biblical role of a man of leadership.

As “wife” do you believe that there are any specific roles and responsibilities that are primarily/solely yours in the marriage? What are they?

BRITTNEY: We share responsibilities equally with each other. Sometimes when we are unable to do our responsibility due to anything, we try as best as possible to help each other. I believe in being a submissive wife to my husband and to God even though sometimes I struggle with that.

Do you have kids? If yes, how would you describe your spouse’s parenting style?


What advice would you give to young Caribbean people who wish to venture into marriage?

CARLUS: You must be selfless

BRITTNEY: You should ask the tough questions before. Discuss your core values, spiritual beliefs, finances etc because the small things can have a big impact on your marriage even though you may not see it now

If you had the power to plan it perfectly what would the next 5 years look like for you as a couple?

Being able to buy a house and be debt-free.

How do you define love?

CARLUS: Love is a choice not void of emotions. It seeks the good and benefits of the person of interest.

BRITTNEY: Love is a choice, you have to choose to love someone despite your feelings.

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